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You're looking at the new ziyaeris.com website.  We're currently making some last minute refinements to the site in the coming days and will be officially launching shortly.  Come back here to find out how we're doing and what's coming next.

Limited Edition Prints

All the ornaments, paintings and illustrations will be available as limited edition prints.  Each print comes with an official paper signifying the number and each print is also signed by Ziya Eris.

Original Art Work

At this moment we're not considering releasing any of the original art work to the market.  

Japanese Illustrations

The illustrations on site are by artist Ginko Kiyotani Eris, Artist and wife of Ziya Eris.  


Ziya was born in Bursa, the ancient capital of the Ottoman Empire, in 1944.  Growing in a city steeped in history, art and architecture, Ziya was inspired to become an artist at a very young age.  His dream came true when he was accepted at the Marmara Fine Arts Academy in Istanbul.  There his talents were immediately recognised and he was invited to join the faculty as lecturer and tutor of fine art.  Whilst working at the faculty he also established a creative studio where he applied his trade as a corporate illustrator, graphic artist, architect and interior designer for some of Turkey's multi-nationals.  

 In 1973, Ziya with his wife and two children, migrated half-way across the world to Brisbane, Australia where he continued working as a fine artist.  During his time in Australia, Ziya won one gold and two silver awards for his artwork at the BAD (Brisbane Art Directors) Awards.  He held several exhibitions in Brisbane, including World Expo 88 where he represented Queensland as a wildlife artists for royal visitors such as the King and Queen of Spain.  The Brisbane Polo Club have two of his works hanging in their boardroom, Australia Post purchased his first and second series of limited editions prints for national distribution and Ziya has also appeared in national magazines, newspapers and also on Channel 7's the Sunrise Show.  

 In 1990, on invitation Ziya moved to Japan to work as a fine artist.  He had several exhibitions in Japan, most notably Ginza and Shibuya, and many notable celebrities and media personalities, much like in Australia, collect his works.   Ziya's painting was accepted by the Tulip Museum. For Australia's 200 year celebration, Ziya held an Australian wildlife exhibition in Mita, which was visited by the then prime minister of Australia, Paul Keating, with accompanying Japanese dignitaries.   During his time in Japan, Ziya explored the Japanese culture and art, experiences that would later influence his style of painting when he returned home.

 In 2000 Ziya returned back to Australia and rather than settling comfortably into retirement has been quite prolific; reflecting back on his travels, he has explored the myriad of styles and approaches to create an amazing series that chronicles his adventures.  Starting in Turkey with the miniatures & ornaments, across the atlantic to the wildlife and unforgiving landscapes of Australia, the Japanese Geisha girls and Kabuki, and then back to Australia's lush tropical rain forests and fauna.  It's a marvellous journey that truly represents the master craftsman that Ziya is.

Art lessons private or group please contact - kai@ziyaeris.com


  • 1960-62 : Technical College Bursa - Turkey
  • 1962-66 : Academy of Fine Arts Istanbul - Turkey
  • 1966 : Lectures at the University of Istanbul - Turkey



Art Direction
Layout, art sketches, presentation, creative ideas

Drawing from read-out projects. Interior design, perspectives, rendering interior, exterior visuals, scale modelling

Commercial Art
Illustrations, finished art, advanced air brushing, logos, book covers, posters, designs

Professional photography, close-ups, touch-ups of old photos, digital enhancements & deep etching

Industrial Graphic Design
Fashion design, concept of technical drawings, company images, CAD, Photoshop, Dreamweaver et al

Turkish, English and Japanese


Australia Post
Purchased first and second series of Wildlife prints for national distribution 

Brisbane Polo Club
Commissioned to paint a series of paintings for the club

1984 Courier Mail, XXXX and Channel 0
Entered into "Promotion of Bisbane River" competition and won an award

1985 International Solar World Congress Exposition
Came 4th amongst 600 worldwide competitors

1986 Brisbane Art Directors Awards
Won GOLD AWARD for wildlife series

World Expo 88
Represented Queensland as a Wildlife Artist for Royal Visitors

90 Brisbane Art Directors Award
Entered Eumundy Beer label illustrations winning two silver medals

1992 Tonami Tulip Museum Japan
Turkish ornament presented by Turkish Ambassador H.E. Mr. Necati Utkan to the museum

1994-2000 Asahi Gallery Ginza Tokyo Japan
Series of exhibitions

2000 Sydney Olympic Games
Designed official Gold, Silver & Bronze Commemorative medals

By email

Please send all emails to:


Art lessons private or group lessons please contact


22 Willmington Street

22nd August 20 12


RE: Ziya Eris

This is to state that I have known Ziya Eris since 4th April2012 when I joined his weekly adult Art
Class run at Gallery Bin Newmarket.

In that time, and substantiated by feedback from others in the class, Ziya has always been very welcoming, encouraging and supportive.  From my experience his background and personality seem to equip him well to teach and assist students -beginners and others alike.  We are fortunate as well that since our class is small we benefit from very individual attention.  We gain further exposure
and learning from each other's development process, whilst being given the opportunity to be
challenged as well as to make choices about subjects, styles and mediums .

Further, Ziya generously shares his art materials until students are able to purchase their own, especially if trying something new.  He also provides guidance with purchases, use and care of appropriate equipment.  This adds to the affordability of his tuition.

I feel sure Ziya would ably meet the needs of any such art class or group and provide excellent tuition and support.

Yours faithfully,




I Have known Ziya Erisfor 18months, during which time have been attending his Artlessons.
Ziya is anaccomplished artist as well as a dedicated teacher who is happy to share his knowledge.
Having established my needs as a student, he beganan individual program with me.
He has taught me many of the necessary techniquestouseoil colours,
how to improve perspective and balance and ways to control my brush stroke amongsta myriadothertricks of the trade.
In addition,he allows me to make my own mistakes and instantly recognizeshowthese can be overcome.
Ziyahasgoneoutofhis way to make it easy forme togetthe best out of his classes.
Forexample, in order to maximize the less on time and save me the b other of having to bring my own materials and equipment, he has made room in his studio to
store my things, has the mreadyforme at the beginning of the lesson, and packs the maway after wards. He offers me refreshments, and has background music playing
tha the knows enjoy.

He has demonstratede xtreme patience with me and under his tuition my confidence has improved, and my friends and family invariably make positive comments on
my paintings.
 I believe that am fortunate to have him as my teacher and would recommend him to others without hesitation.


To Budding Artists:

Ziya Eris has been my art teacher for over twelve months.  He is a very accomplished artist himself and wants to pass on his passion for art to his students.

He runs private/ individual classes as well as group classes. I attend a private class.

During this class, he guides me through various techniques to improve my limited artistic ability. You do NOT have to have talent before coming to his class as he surprisingly manages to draw this out of you.

Ziya provides the paints, brushes and guidance that you need and you bring your own canvas.

Ziya has a studio set up at home for his private students where he offers you some morning/afternoon tea during your class.  As a private student, classes are flexible which suits me as my schedule changes.

I thoroughly enjoy attending my art class as Ziya makes the class informative and relaxing.


Judy Godwin

Art Class at Gallery B Newmarket

I can say with confidence that Ziya Eris is a talented and proficient art teacher.  He has the patience and aptitude to guide anyone to achieve their artistic goals in whatever their chosen medium, be it in acrylic, oils, watercolor or pastels.  Ziya's art classes are fun and inspirational.  I look forward to coming every week.

Linda McNeill

Ziya's art classes are a joy and a revelation. I am constantly learning.

Lisa Southgate